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The department of topographical anatomy and operative surgery has arisen for joint teaching of applied anatomy and operative surgery on corpses. Since the beginning of the 20th century the program included mandatory animal surgeries to acquire the skills of working with living tissues. At the department of anatomy student should get the skill of preparation on a corpse material, which is impossible to fully obtain when using replicas and simulators. Unfortunately, the department is experiencing an acute deficiency in the receipt of cadaveric material. Last years there were no new corpses. So now for educational purposes we have only 2 corpses: one «exam», inaccessible to students and, therefore, sufficiently preserved, and the second, at which deals up to 500 students per year. This corpse quickly loses important anatomical formations, so it constantly conducts independent work of students. Some things are better with the preparation of the limbs. To carry out intestinal seams we have to buy intestines of animals in the market. In connection with the lack of cadaveric material to practice practical skills on surgical surgery at the department was created a scientific and practical students association. There students can practice at animal material how to develop skills of ownership Surgical instruments, the technique of imposing intestinal seams, vascular seams, joints of nerves and tendons, heart and parenchymatous organs. Thus, from 3 main types of educational activity at the department, such as topographical anatomy teaching on the corpse material, surgical operations on corpses and and surgical operations on animals - we only perform the first. In the absence of corpse material for a number of years are not only students, but also young teachers have no skills of preparation. From our point of view, to improve the quality of students' training, it is necessary to solve the issue of supply of corpse material and operations on animals at the departments of anatomical profile.

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S. A. Obedennov

Kazan State Medical University

F. V. Bashirov

Kazan State Medical University

I. V. Frauchi

Kazan State Medical University


Copyright (c) 2018 Obedennov S.A., Bashirov F.V., Frauchi I.V.

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