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Background. A lot of methods for surgical correction of rectocele are presenting today, but a high percentage of unsatisfactory results doesn’t decrease. This is due to the desire for reliable tissue closure, which leads to ischemia, necrosis and unsatisfactory results. Aim. To evaluate the long-term results of the using the original method of sphincter-levatorplasty in the treatment of rectocele. Material and Methods. We analyzed the long-term results of surgical treatment of 134 women suffering from rectocele, who were treated by the new method of sphincter-levatorplasty. Follow-up period was 24 months. The effectiveness of surgical treatment was assessed in a comprehensive manner using questionnaires, clinical examination data and instrumental methods. Results and Discussion. The results of treatment were assessed by anatomical and functional criterions - absence of relapse clinically at examination, influence of treatment on the quality of defecation and manifestation of dyspareunia. The postoperative period (6-24 months) was actively tracked in all patients. While 83 (61.9%) patients were examined. the rest of the patients did not come to the examination. assessing their condition as good. A good and satisfactory functional result was obtained in 127 (94.7±1.9%) patients. Relapse of rectocele was detected in 7 women, which was 8.4±3.0% of the number of patients who agreed to undergo an examination in the long-term period. Conclusions. The results of surgical treatment of patients with rectocele by using the original technique of sphincter-levatorplasty showed the effectiveness of the method in the long-term period.

About the authors

A. O. Solovev

Volgograd State Medical University; Joint Stock Medical scientific association «Clinic «Movement»

Email: alex-sol@list.ru
Volgograd, Russia

A. A. Vorobyev

Volgograd State Medical University

Volgograd, Russia

O. L. Solovev

Joint Stock Medical scientific association «Clinic «Movement»

Volgograd, Russia

G. A. Soloveva

Joint Stock Medical scientific association «Clinic «Movement»

Volgograd, Russia

O. A. Akinina

Joint Stock Medical scientific association «Clinic «Movement»

Volgograd, Russia


Copyright (c) 2018 Solovev A.O., Vorobyev A.A., Solovev O.L., Soloveva G.A., Akinina O.A.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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